The Adolf-Struempell-Prize 2021: il vincitore è un progetto italiano per SPG4!
Un altro passo verso una maggiore conoscenza della mutazione che porterà verso la cura! Grazie ai ricercatori, grazie a chi si impegna ogni giorno per far conoscere la malattia, collegare i medici, le associazioni, i pazienti, perché TUTTI INSIEME SI PUO'!
I am glad to let you know, that we have a jury decision .
The Adolf-Struempell-Prize 2021 will be awarded to Dr. Francesca Sardina for her outstanding work on developing cure for SPG4.
Her study was of high scientific quality and it provides a realistic pathway towards improved clinical management of SPG4 within some years.
The work of this winner gives us a huge opportunity to underline our central wish / our central mission “we want to get treated” at the largest HSP symposium in the world. I think this is super-important! Many thanks to all of for contributing to this valuable effort!
Gerald Fischer and the Euro HSP board